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Serving Maitland, Apopka, and Orlando Florida

Your wedding jewelry destination of Florida is Jewelers of Maitland. We will meet any of your wedding jewelry needs whether you need a diamond engagement ring, wedding bands or the in vogue anniversary rings.  Our jewelry ranges from gold to platinum with certified diamonds, pearls and a rainbow of gemstones. We have also an extensive collection of antique and estate jewelry, demonstrating our love of gemstones and craftwork.

Every couple differs in their own way. Therefore, the uniqueness of each couple should not be lost because of the jewelry that will symbolize their relationship. This attention to the needs of everyone is how you will amass our wedding jewelry.

This tasteful difference comes into view with the engagement ring. Some couples will gravitate towards the traditional solitaire diamond engagement ring, whereas others will want something less traditional.

Even in a simple setting for your engagement or anniversary ring, you can select a colorful gemstone instead of a diamond. You could use your favorite color or your birthstone, or complete the symbolism of your union by using the stone for your wedding month. The color is not your only choice. You can also pick from an array of cuts, whether you use a princess, oval, pearl, marquise or even the Ascher cut. Remember that semiprecious stones are cheaper than diamonds, but they still have the elegance and sparkle.

Come see how easy it is to find the perfect wedding jewelry at Jewelers of Maitland today.