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Yellow Emerald Gemstone Jewelry

http://yellowemerald.com Customers are always looking for something new and different. The gemstones pendants designs we offer cannot be found by any other distributor. Our brand of loose gemstones is inexpensive compared to many other precious gemstones alternatives. Millions of years ago when the appropriate pressure and temperature were present together, these conditions formed precious colored […]

Yellow Emerald Gemstone Jewelry

Yellow Emerald Loose Gemstones http://yellowemerald.com/ All Yellow Emerald gemstones are natural and certified. Currently, our gemstone rins are only found in one mine in one mountain in Brazil. The color is very unusual and changes in different lighting environments. We are currently searching for other deposits when we find indicator minerals present. Even though there […]

Yellow Emerald™ Unique Gemstones

Happiness and Peace Above all, at the top of the list, yellow is associated with happiness. Just imagine sunshine, sunflowers, a tall glass of lemonade, even daffodils – these are some of the very images of lightheartedness and joy. Sunshine is known to stimulate positive energy and like the warmth of the sun or that […]

Unique Gemstones Yellow Emerald™

Yellow Emerald™ is a brand of premium golden beryl which is identical to a green emerald except for the color. Yellow Emeralds™ may have very slight inclusions visible to the naked eye, most are eye-clean. Yellow Emeralds™ are durable due to the lack of inclusions and are not oiled to enhance the beauty as green […]