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Tallahassee FL Jewelers | The Gem-Collection

In the past, it was possible to buy diamonds from an established gemologist and pay a fair retail price in exchange for the confident service you would receive from the store. Otherwise you could purchase from a “wholesaler” who, in exchange for eliminating the service of a master jeweler and/or selection of inventory would cut […]

Tallahassee FL Loose Diamonds | The Gem Collection

When you visit The Gem Collection, you will quickly see how diamonds can differ. To be the diamond jewelry store you must be able meet the needs of your customers with quality diamond rings. It can be the difference between loose diamonds and diamond rings. Gem Collection is your unique diamond jewelry destination. Here at […]

Unique Christmas Gifts | Tallahassee FL | The Gem Collection

The Gem Collection is your destination for all your diamond engagement needs. We have a stunning selection of diamond wedding ring sets that will allow for you to have the jewelry at any intersecting points. These diamond wedding ring sets do not necessarily mean they are matchy, matchy. Instead, you and your loved one will have stunning […]

Tallahassee FL Diamond Store | The Gem Collection

The Gem Collection is the rings store that will make the difference for your shopping experience. We will show you the difference a diamond store will make compared with a retail jewelry store when it comes down to your jewelry needs. Whether you a jewelry store that might offer the best deal around or just […]

Tallahassee FL Diamond Rings | The Gem Collection

When looking for diamonds, your search will end at The Gem Collection. We have stunning collections of diamond jewelry including Pave diamond jewelry. We also have a stunning selection of mens diamond jewelry for you to choose. If your search has a specific need, our diamond engagement rings are fabulous. Our diamond earrings are as […]

Tallahassee FL Vintage Jewelry | The Gem Collection

When looking for the perfect gift, you should extend your search to the beautiful antique jewelry collection here at The Gem Collection. Your perfect jewelry gift may indeed lie in the annuals of time because heirloom jewelry has already lasted the test of time and still is desirable by people today. Come in today to […]

Gold Jewelry | Tallahassee FL | Gem Collection | 32309

The  Gem Collection has an extensive selection of fine jewelry that includes gold jewelry, gemstone jewelry and even antique jewelry. Come by 3501 Thomasville Road Tallahassee,  FL 32309 Ph 850.893.4171 http://GemCollection.com

Diamond Rings Tallahassee FL | Gem Collection | 32309

At Gem Collection we have the best professional jewelers in Florida that can assist you with your diamond jewelry needs. Come by 3501 Thomasville Road Tallahassee, FL 32309 Ph 850.893.4171  http://GemCollection.com

Diamond Jewelry | Gem Collection | Tallahassee FL | 32309

You can always look at The Gem Collections selection of diamond jewelry whether you want traditional diamond rings or contemporary diamond earrings. Stop by 3501 Thomasville Road Tallahassee,  FL 32309 Ph (850) 893-4171 http://GemCollection.com

Jeweler The Gem Collection Tallahassee FL

Here at Gem Collection, you can find the best selection of diamond and gemstone jewelry in the Tallahassee area. We understand how important great service is to our customers so we provide them exceptional service.  Whether you are buying a ring, or having one repaired, your happiness is our objective. We recognize that the safekeeping […]