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Fabulous Platinum Jewelry in Athens GA

Chandlee Jewelers 1850 Epps Bridge Pkwy, Suite 213 Athens GA 30606 Ph 706-543-4653 http://chandleejewelers.com https://www.facebook.com/ChandleeJewelers https://www.youtube.com/user/ChandleeJewelersGA Magnificent fine jewelry in Athens can be a difficult shopping experience because what gorgeous diamond jewelry mean to one person might not be what it means to someone else. Jewelry is as ubiquitous as it deals with taste and […]

Gorgeous Diamond Jewelry in Louisville KY

Brundage Jewelers 141 Chenoweth Lane Louisville, KY 40207 Ph 502-895-7717 http://www.brundagejewelers.com https://www.facebook.com/BrundageJewelers https://www.youtube.com/user/BrundageJewelers   Magnificent Fine Jewelry is wonderful to behold, and here at Brundage Jewelers in Louisville we have a stunning selection of outstanding silver, gold, and platinum jewelry for your perusal. We focus not only on marvelous gold jewelry, but on lasting looks […]

Chandlee Jewelers | Gold Jewelry Christmas Presents in Athens

Gold jewelry Christmas presents can be a difficult proposition because you not only need a jewelry store with the expertise to find the platinum Christmas gifts you design but also the ability to relate to you, bringing your holiday gemstone rings to life. Come in to see some great handmade gold pendants gifts. Come see […]

Brundage Jewelers | Louisville Gold Jewelry

Brundage Jewelers is your antique jewelry destination. We have a stunning selection of fine jewelry from the jewelry of yesteryear to the machinations of modern jewelry. We have the experienced and talented staff that will assist you through gold jewelry search. Come in today to see how we help you find the designer jewelry of […]

Gold Jewelry | Tallahassee FL | Gem Collection | 32309

The  Gem Collection has an extensive selection of fine jewelry that includes gold jewelry, gemstone jewelry and even antique jewelry. Come by 3501 Thomasville Road Tallahassee,  FL 32309 Ph 850.893.4171 http://GemCollection.com

Gold Jewelry Louisville Kentucky | Brundage Jewelers

At Brundage Jewelers our selection has diamonds that cover the entire range of cuts and colors. These choices of diamonds give you the ability to find and select fine jewelry. http://brundagejewelers.com  Visit us at 141 Chenoweth Ln. Louisville, KY 40207

Gold Jewelry Enhancery Jewelers San Diego CA

Enhancery Jewelers is the leading destination for all your gold jewelry needs in San   Diego. No matter if you are still searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring or you want to personalize jewelry by creating handmade jewelry, we are a destination you can trust as well as peruse our stunning selection jewelry at […]

San Diego CA Gold Jewelry Enhancery Jewelers

At Enhancery Jewelers, we understand the anxiety that comes with finding the perfect Christmas Gift. Many people are concerned about finding the perfect diamond ring or gold jewelry but you do not need to worry. You will immediately see a difference with our understanding staff as well as our relaxing atmosphere. Our assortment of jewelry […]

Louisville KY Gold Jewelry Brundage Jewelers

Whether you are considering a custom designed ring or a unique pendant, the best place to shop is Brundage Jewelers.  We carry a large collection of handmade jewelry that will make the perfect Christmas gift. The reason handmade jewelry makes such a wonderful gift is that it is unique specifically to the person you wish […]

Fremeau Jewelers Gold Jewelry Burlington Vermont

Gold jewelry will vary in price. Sometimes, the price can seem excessively different. The reason for this fluctuation in price is due to the karat weight. Karat refers to the purity of gold. It is measured on a scale with the higher number meaning the purer the gold. Therefore, a 24 Karat gold ring is […]