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Berrys Jewelers
5830 Mcardle Rd # 1
Corpus Christi, TX 78412

Ph (361) 854-3426

Berrys Jewelers is your one stop location for all your wristwatches needs. We have served the greater Corpus Christi area since the 1970s, and we will use our experience to help you choose between our extensive Swiss Watches in our collection. Come in to have Berrys help you with all your needs today!

You can see a portion of our dynamic diamond watch collection online or in person at our 2-story house with a thousand stories of love. Here, we have a watch studio where we can assist you with any of your jewelry watch needs. We use our forty years experience to blend integrity and fair prices in hopes of giving you the best shopping experience.

Our watch technician can address almost any type of watch, especially quartz, mechanical and pocket watches. Our Rolex repairs are price competitively. In addition to replacing watch movements, we fix and clean watch bands. Due to our extensive assortment of batteries, we can install your batteries while you wait. All of our watch repairs have a one-year guarantee. We even repair any clock issues as well.

Watches are not only accessories, they are virtually a necessary item in modern society. Most everybody has one and most everyone feels lost when they forget theirs or when it stops running.

A watch is a perfect gift because it is both a luxury and practical gift!