Sapphire Gemstones

If you are reading this article then you are probably looking for more information regarding Sapphire. It is true that Sapphire is a highly precious gemstone and gemstone enthusiasts favor the sapphire for its magnificent colors, durability and constancy. It is the single-crystal form of aluminum oxide which is a mineral known as corundum.

It is important to point out that women generally prefer sapphire rings for engagement as sapphire symbolizes loyalty, love and longing. The oldest sapphires are found inSri Lankaand the people who are experts when it comes to gemstones can easily recognize a stone from Sri-Lanka because of its light blue colors and its unique luminosity.

The majority of sapphires come in a variety of shades of blue, however you can get sapphires in other colors such as pink, orange and yellow. Many of the blue sapphires come fromThailandandAustralia.  The different shades of blue in sapphires are a result of the substitution of iron and titanium in the aluminum oxide crystal lattice.

The most common colors for the fancy colored sapphires are yellow, purple and green. Purple sapphires are less expensive than blue and a reason for this could be because the purple stones contain trace element vanadium. Green and yellow sapphires are caused by the traces of iron in them. You can also get pink sapphires and the deeper the pink color then the more expensive it will be.

A sapphire gemstone is usually valued according to transparency, color and size. The origin of the stone will also be a key factor when it comes to determining the price of the gemstone. Kashimir stones are generally the most expensive,Ceylonand Burmese are also fairly expensive.

If you are looking for a sapphire whose color is natural then you should make sure you get a report from a gem testing laboratory such as theAGTAGemologicalTestingCenterwho can certify that there is no evidence of heat alteration.

There are also synthetic sapphires which are grown in laboratories and used for scientific and gemstone purposes. Sliced pure sapphire can be used to form transparent crystals which are used in good quality watches to make the face highly resistant to scratching. The Ti-sapphire is used in laser applications.