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Charlotte, NC 28207
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Morrison Smith Fine and Custom Jewelers subscribes to the traditional view on a jewelry store, being able to touch the piece of jewelry you wish to buy. With the paradigm shifting to online purchasing, seeing before purchasing is outdated. However, when shopping for jewelry you need to hold the piece and gaze at its beauty. Stop by today to see what a local jewelry storeexperience should be at Morrison Smith Fine and Custom Jewelers.


With the advent of technology one can purchase a diamond from anywhere. One thing you may not know, though, is that in professional diamond world no one buys or trades diamonds sight unseen. We are a complete diamond storeand know firsthand how seeing a diamond will make all the difference. 

As a leading retail store, we agree with having low internet prices and the pleasurable in-store experience. Come in today to view our diamonds and compare our prices. 

We have an online listings of our great collection that you can peruse at your discretion to make your selection. Once you have narrowed your choice(s) down, you can set an appointment with us (704-332-1605). You then come in to view the diamond still with an internet price without any obligation. 

Stop by to see the difference Morrison Smith makes being your local jewelry store today!