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We provide Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh with any fine jewelry needs. Grimball Jewelers carries a large selection of diamond jewelry, gold rings as well as platinum jewelry. 

We are your destination of all jewelry needs whether it is an appraisal, custom work or repair. We do it all. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can show you the extensive collection of fine jewelryfrom engagement rings to South Sea Pearls. We continue the same service that awarded us the Small Business of the Year by the Chapel Hill Carrboro Chamber of Commerce in 2002 and Best Jewelry Store by readers of the Chapel Hill News in 2005. Stop by today to see what a designer jewelry store can do for you. 

One area we focus on when selling fine jewelry is educating you on what you are purchasing.
1) Karatage
Pure gold is 24-karat (abbreviated 24K). Here is a handy table listing the amount of gold for in each karatage:
24K 100%
22K 91.7%
18K 75.0%
14K 58.3%
10K 41.6%
In the United States, to be considered gold jewelry, it must have at least 41.6% gold or 10K. This is not true of other places such as Canada (9K) or Mexico (8K). Most gold jewelry will have a “karat mark” stamped somewhere. The karat is a percentage for the amount of gold in the jewelry. Understand that diamonds are ranked with carats, which meaning something else entirely. 

2) Gold Colors
Gold rings and other gold jewelry can range in color. The differing colors stem from the various metals used as alloys. These metals include silver, copper, nickel, and zinc, making the color of the gold range from white, rose even to a green gold. The higher karatage of the gold jewelry will keep a deeper and richer color, but karatage corresponds with price. 

Gold jewelry, in the United States, is required to have a stamp illustrating karatage and the manufacturer’s trademark or hallmark. 

Gold jewelry should always include karatage on the bill of sale.