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Fremeau Jewelers, not only do we offer a vast collection of loose diamonds that will become beautiful jewelry, we offer the experience to ease you through your Fremeau experience.

Color – Certified diamonds come in an array of colors; however, when discussing the loose diamond’s color, one is referring to the colorlessness of the diamond. Most all diamonds have a slight tint of yellow to them, the rarest have no color and are the most expensive, and to see the color you need to compare the diamonds side by side by side by side against a white background. Very little differences can have quite an impact on price. Making the color important when looking at loose diamonds.

Clarity – The amount of inclusions in a certified diamond is the clarity. Most diamonds have inclusions because they are natures identifying characteristics that formed in the diamonds millions of years ago when the diamond was formed under intense pressure and temperature they may look like tiny crystals, clouds or feathers. Inclusions are usually viewed at 10x magnification. Most inclusions are so minute that you will never see them with your naked eye, but can have a big price difference, be careful as some Inclusions are cracks that break the edge of the diamond thus making the diamond more susceptible to chipping. Inclusions are ranked on a scale of perfection known as the clarity scale.

We here at Fremeaus feel you should be able to look for the perfect diamond engagement ring in a calm environment where our gemologist can show you the various choices we have in one of our private diamond viewing rooms.