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Donnys Diamond Gallery is your one stop diamond shop. We can fill all of your diamond needs. Whether you are in the market for a loose diamonds, certified diamonds or finished diamond jewelry, we have a magnificent collection for your perusal.

Buying diamond jewelry is only the first step in having your jewelry forever. Like all things, diamonds can be damaged. Therefore, it is vital to take precautions to help preserve the life of your jewelry. When you looking through most jewelry boxes, there is a mix of both costume and precious jewelry. However, one does not consider that even diamond jewelry can break in a tangled mess. Due to the valued importance of your diamonds, you need to take certain steps to guarantee its survival for generations.

Remember to periodically check your diamond jewelry. You should feel the stones to see if they are still tight and secure. Settings wear over time. When they do, you could lose your diamond anywhere. It is a simple step, but it could save you from having to search for a loose diamond.

You should have your rings inspected yearly. These simple precautions will help your diamond jewelry last a lifetime.

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