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Hupp Jewelers is your certified diamond destination. We have a lovely selection of loose diamonds as well as diamond jewelry. We have the experience and value the customer. Come see our stunning loose diamonds in a relaxed shopping experience.

It can be difficult to judge beautiful diamonds. The sparkle and beauty instilled in all diamonds makes just looking at them hard to notice the variations. Therefore, a system to judge diamonds has been created—the 4 Cs. All of the four aspects to a diamond are important. However, some people value different aspects. Knowing the Carat and Clarity is an important step in finding the perfect diamond for you.

Most people confuse the meaning of the carat of a loose diamond. A carat is a measurement of weight not size. Some of the other Cs can give the impression of a larger size, but the weight is independent of size. The term carat came from the carob seed, which was used in the ancient days as a measure on the balance scales as the seed was relatively constant in weight. Carat is not a measure of a diamond’s size, but rather a measure of a diamond’s weight. One carat can also be divided in 100 points. So a one-carat diamond is 100 points, because larger diamonds are found less frequently in nature, they are more valuable. Therefore, a 1-carat diamond will cost more than twice a 1/2-carat diamond, assuming other characteristics are similar. Keep in mind that cut determines value more than carat weight.

Clarity is the amount of flaws in a diamond. These inclusions are in almost all diamonds. Inclusions are mother natures identifying characteristics that formed in the diamonds millions of years ago when the diamond was formed under intense pressure and temperature they may look like tiny crystals, clouds or feathers. Inclusions are usually viewed at 10x magnification. Most inclusions are so minute that you will never see them with your naked eye, but can have a big price difference, be careful as some Inclusions are cracks that break the edge of the diamond thus making the diamond more susceptible to chipping. Inclusions are ranked on a scale of perfection known as the clarity scale. The scale ranges from F (Flawless) to I (Included) and is based on the visibility of inclusions at 10X magnification. You should always look for the placement of the inclusions because the mounting may be able to hide it, giving you a price break.

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