Monthly Archives: October 2013

Osbornes Jewelers 35801 | Professional Jeweler Huntsville AL

A jeweler is here to help you throughout the entire process of finding the perfect gift. Although most people do not think about it, a gemologist is one person you should meet with while you are shopping for that perfect gift since the value of your gemstones and diamonds will determine the overall worth. No […]

Tallahassee FL Diamond Store | The Gem Collection

The Gem Collection is the rings store that will make the difference for your shopping experience. We will show you the difference a diamond store will make compared with a retail jewelry store when it comes down to your jewelry needs. Whether you a jewelry store that might offer the best deal around or just […]

Chandlee Jewelers 30606 | Local Jewelry Store | Athens GA

A diamond store can help you find the perfect jewelry gift, and here at Chandlee Jewelers we can assist you throughout the entire process. It does not matter if you have searched through rings stores as well as visited your retail jeweler because we are your local jeweler who can help you decide on the […]

Brundage Jewelers 40207 | Leading Jeweler | Louisville KY

Brundage Jewelers is where you can find the best jeweler in the area. We will help you throughout your shopping experience. A retail jeweler understands the delicate balance between personal taste and designer elegance. Our master jeweler can assist you throughout your artisan event here at our jewelry studio. Come in to meet with our […]

Brundage Jewelers Gemstone Jewelry | Louisville KY

Gemstone jewelry is having a renaissance of late, and you can find some stunning fine jewelry here at Brundage Jewelers.  We understand the demands of a jewelry store. When you first come into our jewelry studio, you will see that this is a different kind of place. We will help you throughout all your jewelry needs because […]