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Louisville KY Designer Jewelry Brundage Jewelers

When people think of jewelry repair, rarely do they think about custom made jewelry. However, our talented staff specializes in creating lasting jewelry that will bring to life your dreams. By helping you create handmade jewelry, we have the experience to fix most jewelry repairs you might encounter. Stop by to see how a master […]

Fremeau Jewelers Gold Jewelry Burlington Vermont

Gold jewelry will vary in price. Sometimes, the price can seem excessively different. The reason for this fluctuation in price is due to the karat weight. Karat refers to the purity of gold. It is measured on a scale with the higher number meaning the purer the gold. Therefore, a 24 Karat gold ring is […]

Fishers IN Jewelry Designer Hupp Jewelers 46037

The search for a master jeweler who you can trust can be a difficult job. How comfortable do you feel giving a month’s salary to a stranger? You can trust us.  You don’t have to take our thoughts on it, though; you can come in today to meet with our professional jewelers today. Hupp Jewelers […]

The Gem Collection Gemologist Tallahassee Florida 32309

Many stores throw around professional jeweler and jewelry appraisals as if just repeating a line will make a difference. Here at The Gem Collection we know that you must back up your words with your service. There are many so-called jewelry appraisals out there. You will find most of them on the internet, but the […]

Enhancery Jewelers Diamond Store San Diego CA

Looking for the perfect addition to your jewelry book will take beautiful designer jewelry, but it will also take a local jewelry store that understands stunning jewelry is only half of what is needed. A retail jewelry store must focus on the customer as well. Shopping for such a large purchase is a big commitment […]

Athens GA Chandlee Jewelers Rings Store 30606

The content of a retail jewelry store is one aspect of what is needed to serve its customers. A jewelry store is more than its jewelry. A jewelry store should be a place where you can shop and know that you are getting a fair price for quality jewelry. Here at Chandlee Jewelers, we blend […]

Diamond Store Satow Goldsmiths 89052

Satow Goldsmith is the leading rings store in the greater Las Vegas area. Our studio is on of the best of jewelry store around. We have a vested interest in having a stress free environment that you can peruse through our stunning collection of jewelry. We want your business, but we also know that you […]

Louisville Kentucky Jewelry Designer 40207 Brundage Jewelers

When the temperature starts to fall with the leaves, you know it is time to see your professional jeweler about that perfect gift. October has choices for your gift giving. Opal and pink tourmalines are the gemstones for the month. Both stones are incredible, and our retail jeweler can help you pick out the perfect […]

Mankato MN Custom Jewelry Williams Diamond Center

For a quarter century, we, here at Williams Diamond Center, offer the best custom jewelry and we have fantastic services. Our goal is that every shopper purchases the very same item they would choose if they worked in the jewelry business. We make sure that every customer is given all the information they need to […]

Jeweler The Gem Collection Tallahassee FL

Here at Gem Collection, you can find the best selection of diamond and gemstone jewelry in the Tallahassee area. We understand how important great service is to our customers so we provide them exceptional service.  Whether you are buying a ring, or having one repaired, your happiness is our objective. We recognize that the safekeeping […]