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Chandlee Jewelers proudly provides Athens with a local master jeweler. We are you one stop destination whether you are looking for jewelry, watches or diamonds, we carry them all. In addition to your shopping needs, our professional jewelers can fix the most difficult of repairs. Come by to see how alocal retail jeweler can made the difference here at Chandlee Jewelers.
Our custom jewelers, who use a plethora of diamonds and rare gemstones, create most of our massive collection here in our shop. We have amassed an impressive collection of fine jewelry, watches as well as loose diamonds and gemstones. Our professional jewelers will also repair just about every job. It does not matter if you need to resize your rings, shorten or repair gold necklaces or bracelets, repair clasps and even strengthen prongs to stabilize the beautiful stones in your rings or pendants. Our retail jewelers also have created a set of preventive maintenance you can do at home to length the life of your jewelry.
Jewelry Care and Cleaning
Just like your favorite pair of leather shoes or a silk garment, your jewelry must be clean to retain its best appearance and usefulness. Avoid wearing your jewelry when doing your chores such as gardening or cleaning. Remember that the oils in your hands will coat the gold, and any type of dust or dirt will collect in the oil. This grimy mixture will then act as an abrasion on the gold. This mixture is like sandpaper on the gold causing your jewelry to wear out in a short period.

Stop by today to see what other helpful tips our master jewelers can teach you about jewelry maintenance.